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Talent, talent, talent

June 11, 2021 Full House Lit Mag Season 1 Episode 27
Full House Lit Mag
Talent, talent, talent
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In this episode, we look at the work of, and speak to some incredible guests that blew our minds with the way they approached their craft, or what they were doing within the literary scene.

We first begin by looking at Wrongdoing Magazine's latest issue, and highlight our standout pieces.

We then chat to Kavan, a writer with real determination and love of the craft.

Micro Podcast have a chat with us about the word they do, and why they do it.

We then speak to Amanda Earl for a fantastic chat about all things vispo. 

JP then rounds off with our newsblast. 

Introducing the podcast
Wrongdoing Magazine
Spotlight: Tyler Moore
Spotlight: Alyson Tait
Spotlight: Kate Doughty
Spotlight: Elysium
Spotlight: Marc Tweed
Spotlight: Isaura Ren
Spotlight: Janina Aza Karpinska
Spotlight: Lindz McLeod
Spotlight: Sunny Vuong
Spotlight: Nupur Chitalia
Spotlight: Lucy Zhou
Guest: Kavan
Guest: Micro Podcast
Guest: Amanda Earl
Newsblast with JP Seabright